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I am a Holistic Health Therapist.

You just want to be happy and enjoy a meaningful life, but with all what you read, heard and learnt until now, you just don’t know anymore where to start?

I've been there as well. You've come to the right place!

Depending on our living environment, we have learned that food has to do with what we consume, digest and then expel. From our, predominantly materialistic, health doctrine, we have learned health or unhealth has 95% to do with the corporeal body. The incapacity to feel the symptoms of any given illness is enough to estimate good health: you cannot heal, you can just trick yourself to forget to be ill. Almost everything is just corporeal chemical processes, which in turn can only be temporarily soothed through the means of symptoms centred chemistry.

Is that true?

No way! That is why we constantly have recurring diseases - the root of the problem remains the same, only its expressions change.

How do you imagine the future for your health?

Into a world of absentmindedness, where your health is dependent on and decided by the medicines you passively intake, or into one where you can determine your health fully freely and consciously?

Services I Provide

1:1 Holistic Health Counselling


1 on 1 Holistic Health Coaching online or offline. First exploratory session is free. 1 hour is normally suggested, but it can be adapted to meet the actual needs.

Q & A


Just write me. You will receive a single answer. I will firstly answer, you will pay me only afterwards. You will be able to make the payment conveniently from your email, or not at all. I leave everything to your awareness of value and personal integrity.

Mindful Based Stress Reduction


It is widely well know that living in constant stress has tremendous negative consequences on the general health. Nevertheless, we keep witnessing and experiencing a society that is ever more stressed. Trying not to stress out addsnormally an additional level of control, over stress, which makes things, in the end, only even more stressful. The good news is that there are really few practices and strategies out there which are provenly very effective in tackling stress in different contexts. Discover how to really tackle your stress and take care of yourself and not only distract yourself from it, until the inevitably burn-out!

Trauma Release


We have an inborn somatic mechanism to heal physical and emotional traumas, like all animals. Unfortunately most of us, from education, learned to suppress this mechanism, as it tends to express itself with uncontrolled shaking and trembling. We have learned to suppress mechanisms in ourselves that don’t make sense for the conditioned and rational mind, we have been risen up to look at the world through. Healing traumas is about getting attuned with some exercises both physically and emotionally as to connect again to that mechanism in a more monitored and secure environment as to getting into flow with it and heal naturally, what, once we thought, could never be healed.

Art Therapy


Art, if expressed as originally felt, from its genuine impulse, has the power to connect us to the energy of the pain we feel inside and release it outside through the means of something which contains traces of its origin. Through Art Therapy you can not only release emotional pain in a creatively satisfying way, but you can also through the patterns of the forms, colours, shapes and the movements, created this way, learn always more about the inner composition of these emotional pains. Learning the language of your soul empowers you to heal the real causes of even the most subtly hiding sources of repeating pain in your life!

Free exploratory session
Money Back Guarantee
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Discover yourself, unfold yourself and unleash you unhindered potential!

My life mission is to rethink and restructure how most of us perceive and live out what we call health . We have accepted that it is ok if our life and well-being feels “ok”, but this is not ok at all! Because taking care of your life and health truly consciously and competently, can do so much more!

However, because of our conditioning and deeply established way to interpret life, in most cases, this doesn’t work so easily, as it naturally would seem to have to be the case. General proven methods while generally speaking effective, used and combined in a sub-optimal and generalized way, like is most often is the case in our chaotic and superficial modern society, require inevitably a longer path of trial and errors. What I discovered and experienced is that these methods and practices you come along throughout your life have definitely to do with your own life-puzzle, however the most important aspect is not just to collect them, but also to realize to what they belong and how to bring those pieces together in a coherent way: basically said, this is my job with you 🙂

Alberto Buzzi

Years of

What I helped to achieve

Hear out what my clients say about me.

(All reviews here are 100% authentic, names are true as well, just photos are not, as to respect the privacy of my clients)

"The mindfulness sessions I had with Alberto went all very well, they were particularly well structured and varied. I was able to open up authentically and felt deeply welcomed. The meditations and the exchanges in the group helped me to go inside myself deeper and to bring about more mindfulness, flow and self-love into my life!"
Martin Gonev
"Alberto has interesting different deeper insights even about the activities I was used to practice daily. Following his meditations and dynamic meditations I managed to be able to observe and take care of aspects which I didn’t take into account before. I feel very lucky to have met him and have gained meaningful insights!"
Cristina Pilgrim
"Alberto showed me that there is constantly another dimension to life and experiencing, therefore also I was able to see unexpected solutions and feel better where I felt very confused before."
How it works?

Simple Steps to Success

It all starts with a single first step.

You can’t imagine how many times I witnessed how important it is to make the first step when the impulse for it arises, no later, no sooner. That’s your call from the Now, if you feel it now, don’t let yourself down. Rest assured, the first exploratory session, is always and will stay always free.


I'm here.

All queries are replied within 24hrs.

Make a decision
Take a deep breathe, eyes off the screen: why are you here now? What is that you want? If you could decide without any back thought, hesitation or insecurity, of any kind, what would you do now? Follow that decisions now, whatever it might be. Let all the rest fall away for once.
Schedule a meeting
Remember if this is your first time with me: it will be free of any cost.
Show Commitment
“Dripping water hollows out stones, not through force but through persistence.”

It doesn't have to be something huge every time: 99% of the blossoming in nature happens in the unseen silence of the small, countless processes of its transformation. The same is how it works with you: appreciate much more what you cannot perceive so clearly for the first time, because when real change is there, it will undeniably be there, but you will hardly know how it came to be.
You have arrived
"The great image lacks shape."

You have become and you have unbecome, you have learned and you have unlearned, at the same time. Your eternal future, present in your present it became: welcome to your lifefulness, welcome to yourself.

Find your way

Path I: Thoughts

Path II: Corporeality

Path III: Emotions

Path IV: Energies

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There is essential knowledge that, EVERY ONE, should be aware of in order to survive the modern diet and lifestyle in a healthy and self-reliant way. Most of us, however, do not know much about it and through the information chaos nowadays, it has become extremely difficult to distinguish between well-founded, independent and manipulated studies. However, this is vital! It is also vital not just to learn but to experience, so that your connection to what you assimilated cannot be blown away that easy.

"How To Survive The Modern World"


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Dripping water hollows out stone, not through force, but through persistence.
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