I am a Holistic Health Therapist.

You thought well-being means this, but then to your dismay it didn’t and now you don’t know?

I've been there as well. You've come to the right place!

Nutrion is much more than just eating! I could easily say that we are actually eating all the time. In holistic health we take care of considering all types of nutrition: physical, mental, energetical and emotional and how they connect and intertwine.

My coaching is about discovering together step by step how to unfold your authentic life’s potential, and get rid, or reorder, all what obstruct and hamper you to embody that. In life we often get things upside down, but that’s in my experience not necessarily a bad news, then when we manage to put them right, they feel better than ever before.

Services I Provide For My Clients

1:1 Holistic Health Coaching


1 on 1 Holistic Health Coaching online or offline. First exploratory session is free. 1 hour is normally suggested, but it can be adapted to meet the actual needs.

Q & A Coaching


Reach out for me: write me an e-mail, send me a message, drop me a line. You will get a singular answer. First time 1€ then based on the length. No satisfied from the answer? Money back no additional questions.

Custom Holistic Diet


Here I will ask you some specific questions about you and your lifestyle. This will trace out for me a unique holistic spectrum of you. With this step done, I’ll draft out the perfect nutritional diet for you and all the bodies which compose you: your physical, emotional, mental and energetical body!



Stress produces lots of free radicals in the body and nowadays unfortunately life in society tends to be very stressful, in so many subtle ways. Learning stress management is probably one of the most important skill to coop with the increasing stress levels. In this live course you'll learn which are the roots of your stress and what you can very practically and concretely do, to handle stress better, make better decisions and reduce its negative effects on your health!

Trauma Release


We have an inborn somatic mechanism to heal physical and emotional traumas, like all animals. Unfortunately most of us, from education, learned to suppress this mechanism, as it tends express itself in an uncontrolled shaking way. We have learned to suppress mechanisms in ourselves that don’t make sense for the conditioned and rational mind. TRE is about getting attuned with some exercises both physically and emotionally to connect again to that mechanisms in a controlled environment and flow while trusting their healing potential!

Art Therapy


Art, if expressed as originally felt, from its genuine impulse, has the power to connect us to the energy of the pain we feel inside and release it outside through the means of something which contains traces of its origin. Through Art Therapy you can not only release emotional pain in a creatively satisfying way, but you can also through the patterns of the forms, colours, shapes and the movements, created this way, learn always more about the inner composition of these emotional pains. Learning the language of your soul empowers you to heal the real causes of even the most subtly hiding sources of repeating pain in your life!

Free exploratory session
Weeks Money Back Guarantee
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— About Me

Hello, great to meet you herer!

I help individuals discovering and unleashing their lifefulness in all aspects of their life.

My life mission is to make people realize that you can actually feel, really and stably, great, and not “just good”. This passive “quite okay” lots of us came to accept just as a way to carry on with the situation.

However this is something which needs to be discovered and unveiled, because in most cases it is covered by lots of layers, of unneeded conditioning, traumas and wrong education. I have the tools, I know the way, please, let me show you, let me make you feel, that this IS absolutely possible!

Alberto Buzzi

Years of

Results I have helped create

Hear out what my clients say about me.

(All reviews here are 100% authentic, names are true as well, just photos are not, as to respect the privacy of my coachee and clients)


"The mindfulness sessions I had with Alberto went all very well, they were particularly well structured and varied. I was able to open up authentically and felt deeply welcomed. The meditations and the exchanges in the group helped me to go inside myself deeper and to bring about more mindfulness, flow and self-love into my life!"

Martin Gonev

"Alberto has interesting different deeper insights even about the activities I was used to practice daily. Following his meditations and dynamic meditations I managed to be able to observe and take care of aspects which I didn’t take into account before. I feel very lucky to have met him and have gained meaningful insights!"

Cristina Pilgrim

"Alberto showed me that there is constantly another dimension to life and experiencing, therefore also I was able to see unexpected solutions and feel better where I felt very confused before."

How it works?

Simple Steps to Success

It all starts with a single first step.

You can’t imagine how many times I witnessed how important it is to make the first step when the impulse for it arises, no later, no sooner. That’s your call from the Now, if you feel it now, don’t let yourself down. Rest assured, the first exploratory session, is always and will stay always free.


I'm here.

All queries are replied within 24hrs.

Make a decision
Take a deep breathe, eyes off the screen: why are you here now? What is that you want? If you could decide without any back thought, hesitation or insecurity of any kind, what would you do? Follow that decisions, now, whatever it might be. All the rest is unimportant if compared to it.
Schedule a meeting
Remember if this is your first time with me: it will be free of any cost.
Show Commitment
“Dripping water hollows out stones, not through force but through persistence.”

Standing for yourself and staying truly beside yourself as you walk along, is what truly will make the difference. Now through believing in yourself, you already changed more than what you think.
You have arrived
"The great image lacks shape."

Your belief, your commitment and your humble determination, have been stronger than the reality seen from your physical senses, than the one outspoken from your mental patterns and even than what you have been risen up to think to be. You have reached yourself! Welcome, you have deserved it.

Find your way

Path I: Thoughts

Path II: Corporeality

Path III: Emotions

Path IV: Energies

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Trauma Release Course

Releasing traumas through the body can be a very powerful experience. Let me introduce you to the first steps for a new journey of self-discovery and healing!

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Dripping water hollows out stone, not through force, but through persistence.
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