“Dripping water hollows out stone, not through force, but through persistence.” — Ovid


My tip is to stop thinking as completely as possible, about how you could be better, because this creates the feeling in first place of not being good enough and not having enough. So, if you can, forget about concepts like better or worse!

Gift yourself the feeling of being enough, having enough and see from that point on what comes!

Start when you feel like you are not enough and want to be more, reach more: go really into that feeling, gifting it your full attention and focus. When you are near enough that you can feel that presence through your body, that emotional body accumulating in you, very concretely within your very tissues and cells, let that happen and stay with.

Need to move will then happen freely in your body, maybe need to raise your voice as well, do that! As long as you feel that presence in your body not being there anymore, dissolving into nothingness.

Once you’ve got free of the need of having to be better. Sit down peacefully with yourself, with closed eyes, don’t go in any direction, don’t pursue anything, just sit down with yourself following nothing of nothing. See what then comes.

Write all what then comes, without connecting the points yet. Only when you feel you had enough, stand up, look at what you’ve wrote down and see what then comes to your consciousness.

This is what you need to do now, so simply do it! And while you do it, take care of believing into it.

Repeat often enough and you’ll get better in what you truly need to get better with and change what you want to change without just scratching the surface of the symptoms.

The theory beyond this if you want to know it, it’s inspired from TRE and Somatic Experiencing: often the wanting to get better, makes us get worse! What we think is better is often influenced by so many other factors. Often when we reach what we think is better, but it isn’t really better, we just feel then deluded and confused. So, to actually get better it is first very important to see, to feel with as pure eyes as possible what it truly is for you this.. as unconditioned as possible!

Once you’ve got rid of that illusion, you finally ready to give space to yourself to find what is truly better for you. And this will not come in the form of complex thoughts, this will come probably in the form of a short but very clear sensation.

The point thereafter is training ourselves to believe into what was perceived and actually do that, no matter on irrational the thinking categorises that within!

The more you will do that, the more you will discover how many lies and conditioning were into what you thought before being the best for you and how simple it is actually to improve your life holistically of 1% every day, by just following that ancient wisdom in you that can be heard only when enough other “voices” are put to sleep.

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