Holistic Health And The Quintessence Of Survival In The Modern Society (Basic Course Free)

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    by Alberto
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About Course

Learn what holistic health is all about, how to concretely use it to potentially change many aspects of your life and how to survive modern society's habits and the mentality of the orthodox medicine with it.


What is holistic health? This so abused word. Macrobiotics, Ayurveda?

Yes. Yet, not really.

Once and for all, holistic health is indeed never about learning concepts, getting stuck within and because of them and then pursuing their patterns as a programmed robot depleted of any will. Like seems to be often the case for many educations and study paths.

Holistic health shares with you options, experiences and facts. But you are never imposed a way; it is never said to you what is absolutely right, or absolutely wrong. The decision is always yours, even the decisions of doing something which will be not healthy for you, is totally up to you. Actually is rather often the case, in my experience, that something that is generally classified as unhealthy, might be really healthy for you. What is truly healthy and unhealthy for you in any given moment is indeed something you need first to discover within yourself and from yourself, and not just have a concept about it, but develop a true own feeling and sense for it.

Other than that, as probably you already heard from holistic diets in general, here when we use the word diet, we don’t just observe it only within what you eat and how you eat it. But all what surrounds your nutrition in any given moment of your life. So, for instance, it might be more important, to first get aware of which emotions and thoughts you are eating in every instant of your life, other than what you are eating 3 times or 6 times at day. Because this, to name just one, influences how the body retrieve nutrients from what you eat from the inside out, instead than the other way around.

Let’s for instance, take this example – a major issue for those who want to lose weight at every cost (concept which we anyhow, in most cases, follow as an externally imposed theoretical goal and not as a true hint from our body), is that the intestinal flora has a kind of “memory”, so, if we do manage to lose weight through one of those fast-results diets, a short time after the diet’s end, we gain weight once again and faster than before, because the intestinal flora remembers how it used to be and try to rebuild itself as best as possible.

As result we are demoralized and next time, don’t even really try, or try even harder, to only get even more demoralized as we just keep on failing.

There a few solutions for this issue:

As first attempt you could take an antibiotic, which will destroy almost completely the intestinal flora, you would have to do this after the diet’s end and before starting over again with your regular diet. That way one has seemingly a higher chance to erase the memory of the intestinal flora and replace it thereafter with the new memory.

This is the solution which the orthodox medicine in these cases usually suggest.

However the negative sides of this approach can be heavy and some of them are not even fully known. The erasing of the memory of the intestinal flora has very likely taken place, but it is not guaranteed that at some point the intestinal flora will not somehow anyway manage to remember about itself and revert back from the new memory, to the old original one.

The second solution come with a side discovery which was achieved through some study – it has been observed that the intestinal flora of people suffering from this issue, lacks flavoinoids, which are responsible for an acceleration, or deceleration of the fat metabolism. Therefore it is logical to assume, that if one, after the end of the stricter diet, and before the start of the old one and during it, would keep on taking supplements rich in flavoinoids, the practical effects of the intestinal flora remembering “the good old times” could be reduced substantially and even slowly inverted. Other than that, flavoinoids have many positive effects for the more general physical health.

The negative side of this approach, is that for how good this may sound, in many cases, this hasn’t been thoroughly tested. And that you will still be dependent for an indeterminate time to something external, albeit healthy and not unhealthy, like in the case of an antibiotic.

The third solution is about progressively shifting your own psychology about yourself while you still follow the stricter diet and before starting once again with your regular nutrition. This works because the emotional brain connected with the intestinal flora and the brain inside your skull, are deeply interwoven, which in concrete terms means that a different way to think and perceive about yourself, will inevitably mirror itself with time throughout the intestinal flora. In this way changes are more likely to be truly permanent and the only thing you will be dependent on is yourself and what you think about yourself.

However this will take up inevitably more time and, at the beginning, will also require more effort and willpower on your side.

So, as you see, in this theoretical hypothesis we talked about 3 possible solutions, two of them mostly of physical nature and one of them also of psychological and mental nature. However, we didn’t even touch the energetic aspect of this issue.

Problem-solving and solutions-finding works within honest holistic health in a similar fashion: we make very plausible solutions within a prospective context and once we have really managed to come up some solutions which sound promising and solid, we complementary distill out of those the solutions, the three which simply sounds the best, no matter with how many one came up in first place overall.

The last step then is to create out of those three, a partially new solution, which will be dynamically adapted along the way, as we get feedback from the concrete experiencing of it.

So, in this free course, you will learn the foundations of the physical principles of holistic health, so that building on top of them, you will have some of the necessary basics to survive healthy in the modern industrialized society and its costumes in a very elegant and effective way.

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What Will I Learn?

  • Understand the fundamentals of holistic health and learn to use those principles as to possibly heal ailments on different levels, which seemed to have no solution before.

Topics for this course


What is health??

Ever you asked this question yourself truly and gave time to it? No? Then now the time for this has come. You will learn that you have a very unique and personal definition of health which differs from anybody else...

How is health perceived??

You'll have experienced yourself, there are people who are actually quite ill, but feel quite good and people who are actually physically healthy, but feel as if they were often ill... How is that so? Maybe you experienced it in your life as well. So what is that makes us perceive health as we do and how can we change/shift that?

Holistic physical health?

Here you will learn some basics about what we reference to when we speak about physical health in holistic health.

Holistic emotional health?

Here you will learn some basics about what we reference to when we speak about emotional health in holistic health.

Holistic mental/psychological health?

Here you will learn some basics about what we reference to when we speak about mental/psychological health in holistic health.

Holistic psychosomatic health?

Here you will learn some basics about what we reference to when we speak about psychosomatic health in holistic health.

Holistic energetic health?

Here you will learn some basics about what we reference to when we speak about energetic health in holistic health.

Roundup Holistic Health?

Now that you've got some basics about what holistic health truly is. We will make a summary and some concrete examples.

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Holistic Health Therapist

Hi there, my name’s Alberto and I’m an holistic health therapist with experience within holistic health practices and medicine, mindful based stress reduction and somatic experiencing/trauma therapy.
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