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Alberto Buzzi,

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Therapies

It has become undeniable evidence widely confirmed by studies in the last 30 years that stress has major negative repercussions on well-being and health. It is well known, for example, that stress can considerably rise the chance for heart’s attacks, the development of cancer, memory deficiency and free radicals, however is almost impossible in modern society to completely avoid stress, or efficiently suppress it. Good news is that holistic medicine has developed and evaluated many effective solutions which can tackle stress very efficiently.

Through my direct counselling or my courses, you will learn how to measure, recognise and value your stress. You will get to experience practical methods with which you can calm back down, recognise your triggers and improve your stress management. You will learn through playful and easy assimilable concrete examples how you can, not only reduce the negative effects stress has on you, but also how you can improve your general well-being, heal stress induced symptoms and ailments, whilst enhancing your concentration, effectiveness, contentedness and enjoyment within your everyday activities.

Remember nothing is truly stressful solely from itself, stress has predominantly to do with how you interpret the how in what is happening! So, if you can re-shape and re-frame how you go about it internally, inevitably the outside appearances will change and the what will change accordingly to the how, blending in by your firmer inner recognition!

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“At the beginning I was very sceptical that I would enjoy and profit from practising MBSR online, but it has been amazing! My motivation has got much stronger and I feel I have improved my everyday well-being and capacity to handle stress considerably. Thanks Alberto!“
“I love learning and practising out with Alberto! He has lots of additional interesting insights about MBSR. Now I feel like I almost always have the right trick for any problem I meet along my everday’s life. I’ve been practising MBSR also before and I must admit Alberto’s methods helped greatly reaching what I otherwise was struggling to reach and maybe would never have!“

Customized MBSR Sessions Online And Offline

Whether your goal is stress reduction in the everyday life, healing oxidation and free radicals processes induced by past stress, just relaxing, empowering yourself to taste your life more fully, have more empathy towards you and others, or even understand better the patterns under which you act and react – through my teachings and training you will be able to achieve that and more!

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