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Alberto Buzzi,

Trauma management and Healing

For one reason or the other we all experience traumas in life. This is not surprising or even plain “bad” or “wrong”: shocking experiences are part of life as a whole and they can never be truly eradicated from life, without eradicating us living a life. The real main issue comes in when we pretend and don’t accept that we’ve been traumatised by trying not to see and suppress in ways that some times can get very articulated and complex to detect.

This problematic mechanism is mainly connected to the shame-feeling we have been thought to trigger in ourselves in connection to sensations which cannot be explained in a rational way. The mind has been educated to be afraid of what others may think based on a general concept of “right” and “wrong”.

Almost no animal in the wilderness has this issue: they express what they sense as it naturally comes. So, for instance, when an animal is shocked, after the first reaction of possibly fighting back, escaping the situation or freezing in place, it will release progressively that shock by shaking uncontrollably and screaming without any direction or sense. It knows instinctively how to release that chaotic and overburdening energy away. We have it too, but mostly because of the above mentioned civil education, since hundreds of years we have “successfully” developed in ourselves a counter-instinct against the natural one.

TRE and Somatic Experiencing address exactly that issue, by first making you acknowledge and recognise the true and most honest state you are in now, in this very moment. Then retracing baffling triggers, discovering together their possible roots and which resources you have in yourself already which helps you cooping with them. After all these elements are in place, with the help of some easy exercises, which will aid you connecting with your traumas both physically and emotionally, we will embark on a safe travel throughout what truly composes the foundations of who you came to be, untying knots where they are no more needed and establishing new emotional and physical connections as they are needed for the old to go away and the new to grow healthy in its place.

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From My Clients

"Healing deep rooted traumas without the intake of heavy medications, through the innate healing mechanisms I have in my body? Yeah... I was like “I need it, but, c’mon, I could this be really possible?”. Despite my scepticism, it proved to be the only way which really worked without making me dependant on ever growing doses of pharmaceuticals. I can hardly express my thankfulness... my life has now often a new taste and new directions seem possible."
"I had tried several things to improve the strange and difficult reactions I saw coming up in myself so unexpectedly and strongly, making me feel unconformable out of the blue... yet, nothing worked more than a temporary remedy. I couldn’t believe to which kind of past traumas those reactions were connected to. Thanks Alberto for showing me this way and that allowance has much more healing potential than resisting!"

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Stop ignoring and running away, healing traumas is truly possible, if you really want. You don’t need to be dependant on special pharmaceuticals your life long! Don’t force yourself to accept mechanisms or behaviours which hinder your potential to live a 100% fulfilled life, as natural, they are not. Indeed they are there, they would like to be felt, to communicate you exactly this.

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